Team - MWRacing

Mark Walker

Role: Racer

Mark is the founder of MWRacing and with his bum on the seat every round he heads up the team by shooting around the track.

He is a thinker who likes to understand his machine down to every miniscule bolt. This is to such a degree he is always happy to tweak even if he should be leaving the rest of the team to it.

Mark always tries to remain an optimist even when things aren’t going his way and sees each race as a personal success regardless of the results.

Tom Saville

Role: Chief Mechanic / Driver / Organiser / Film and Photography / Web development / Chef

Tom is a crucial part of MWRacing. Even before the word go Tom is making sure that everything is sorted before race day and when it comes to it he gets everyone and everything to the track while what is going on when and where.

Tom bears the bulk of the mechanical work on and off the circuit and is always ready to bolt on the latest upgrade and tinker with the bike into the early hours of the morning. As if that wasn’t enough he also handles pictures and videos.

His favourite role however is keeping the morale up by making sure the team is able to kick back and relax with some beers and a BBQ the night before!

Leigh Hutchinson

Role: Assistant Mechanic / Organiser and General Helper

Leigh is an essential part of MWRacing, helping out wherever she can. Her hands can’t resist the heat of a freshly raced engine and she is always eager and enthusiastic to be involved wherever needed. The team certainly suffers when she’s not there.

Although you may not think it looking at her she doesn’t have a problem with getting her hands dirty and there are never any complaints of broken nails! Even if there are moments where she can’t help she is keenly observing working out how to make things simpler in the future.

Leigh will get involved in anything the team throws at her from heaving the bike onto its stand to providing sausage rolls; from helping Tom with the video and photography around the track to just purely being a welcome sight to a race wearied Mark.

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