Team - MWRacing

Mark Walker

Mark Walker

Role: Rider :: Team Owner

Mark is the founder of MWRacing and with his bum on the seat every round he heads up the team by shooting around the track.

He is a thinker who likes to understand his machine down to every miniscule bolt. This is to such a degree he is always happy to tweak even if he should be leaving the rest of the team to it.

Leigh Hutchinson

Role: Chief Mechanic :: Organiser

Appearances are often deceiving - Leigh catches the most minute of details and mechanical indepth knowledge makes her crucial for delivering the best out of our racing machinery .

A tomboy through and through she has zero problems getting her hands dirty. Always thinking ahead to the next thing and will stop at nothing to get the bike presentable and back to top form.

When she isnt rocking the spanners Leigh is a professional model, actress and pagent extraordinatre. A very vibrant and multi-faceted member of the team.

Chris Sayle

Role: Crew Chief :: Data Engineer

Some say he can hear rebound damping and that he dreams in stoichiometric fuel ratios.

Bringing his can-do calming kiwi spirit and more than four decades of racing experience with his business Track Tech, Chris ensures the bike and rider gel to perfection; making sure the machine condition and feedback coincide creating the confidence needed for results.

Before the bike turns a wheel in anger Chris has already checked all conditions are right. His involvement enables Mark to ride to the best of his ability with zero doubt about any machine underneath him.

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